Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth

Come join stageplayers on our annual field trip to Looking Glass theater! Sunday, December 11th we will be taking the trip down to the city to see Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth. Tickets are $30 but spots are limited so get them while you can! More information click here! Payments accepted on the web store.    

In the Heights Cast list

Nina Rosario Anna DeNoia Vanessa Alex Hibbard-Brown Camila Rosario Johanna Nimmer Abuela Claudia Mia Akers Daniela Georgia Sampson Carla Ellie Frega Usnavi Zach Pearson Benny Jack Miller Kevin Rosario Philip Nauman Sonny Patrick Dunleavy Piragua Guy Will Neason Graffiti Pete Spencer Baumruk Ensemble Will Anderson   Clarisse Austin Michael Campeau   Trinity Carlisle EJ Chen more