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ACTING STUDIO 1003, 1004 ACTING STUDIO is a semester course, offered both semesters and open to grades 10 through 12. Prerequisite: Introduction to Theatre. Acting Studio is designed for the student who wishes to further his training in acting. A comprehensive focus on scene study is presented, with more emphasis on the building of a character. A variety of acting styles&emdash;comic, tragic, and classical&emdash;will be presented. The viewing of professional plays will be arranged through field trips when possible. Students will also be given the opportunity to direct scenes. Students may choose to extend their studies in this class by re-enrolling for grade and credit. INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE 1011, 1012 INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE  is a semester course, offered both semesters and open to grades 9 through 12. Prerequisite: None. Introduction to Theatre is the suggested starting point for the Theatre curriculum. This survey class will expose students to a variety of the elements that make up the art form of theatre. Specific areas of focus include improvisation, acting performance styles, structure of play production, and an overview of technical elements such as scenery, lighting, make-up and costuming. No theatrical experience (either on stage or back stage) is necessary. Field trips to see professional plays are an integral part of the class and will be offered when possible.